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"Love's Song" by Greta Bro is a soulful celebration of love as it modulates from longing to celebration, heartbreak to compassion, and outrage to faith. This CD is an irresistible invitation to love all-out and all-in. It is an exquisite transmission of a love that has no opposite--because it includes everything. Richard Borofsky, psychologist, author, poet, national workshop leader, co-founder Center of the Study of Relationship, Cambridge, MA.

"I love this CD. I bought copies for all my friends! It brings me joy whenever I hear it. I love the music itself. Its rhythm, its softness. the way it moves through and with me.The rich  quality of Greta's voice, so soothing like honey....And the words...Deep. Meaningful. Healing. Profound. I love this blend of consciousness, heart and soul, light and dark, the willingness to embrace life in all its forms. Something so often I miss in modern music. Here the message of the emergent imbues the work without being teachy or preachy, it simply is. Thank-you Greta for this!" Nanna Aida Svendsen, poet, writer, international workshop leader