“I witnessed first hand the gift Greta Bro has when she is working. She chanted, she listened and she touched my dying son Dan. I saw his face go from terror to surrender in the days and the hours she spent at his bed side. My husband and I are eternally grateful.” Nancy Slonim Aronie, Teacher, Writing From the Heart, Omega Instititute


I am a a teacher, spiritual midwife, psycho-spiritual healer, sound healer, writer, poet, singer/songwriter and performing artist. I believe that each of us is a vast ocean of divine being who is connected to corridors of universal consciousness and wisdom streams that link us to all the answers we need.

I think that humanity is at the edge of the cliff and has no option but to quantum leap from a paradigm characterized by pyramids of power based on domination and subordination to a new paradigm characterized by an egalitarian circle based on inclusivity, mutuality, connection, listening as well as expression and reverence for the Living Earth. I teach that collective breakthrough begins with personal healing. As more and more people heal and reopen their hearts they naturally enter into expanded states of self awareness, empathy and knowing that contribute to social healing.The reawakened heart can embrace the dichotomies of existence the way the mind cannot.

As more of us face and transform core wounds passed from one generation to the next, social inequities and crude biases based on gender, race and ethnicity become intolerable. Individual and collective health requires releasing hierarchy and the wounds of narcissistic culture that lives inside us as self hate and shame and replacing them with unconditional self-love. Self-love makes room for a new level of inner wholeness to take root and grow inside us.

It is possible to live free of narrow, hierarchical thinking and be sourced  instead in a natural blend of intellect and intuition, knowledge and gnosis supported by emotional intelligence and body wisdom. Releasing toxic conditioning through processing early loss and trauma is the most important thing any of us can do to transform our world. It is the great work that stops cycles of multi-generational abuse and hate from passing through us to the next generation.

I believe that reopening the heart and reconnecting to intuitive wisdom is happening because of the re-emergence and reintegration of the feminine dimension of being and the Sacred Feminine that has been accelerating over the past fifty years. Through the re-integration of the feminine principle in both men and women, we learn to stop controlling or running from life and instead begin to flow with the deep transformational currents that are reshaping us personally and collectively. These wisdom currents are realigning us to our essential I Am-ness—the Soul—as well as to the Infinite and the Living Earth.

I have been a pioneer in women’s spirituality and women studies since the early 70’s. I have led workshops and retreats on women’s spirituality, and the emergence of the Sacred Feminine at colleges and retreat centers. Over the years I have led countless rituals and healing ceremonies. In the 90’s I had a radio program at WALE out of Providence, Rhode Island called “Searching for The Goddess” where I interviewed pioneers of women’s spirituality in the USA and in Europe. To me reconnecting to the deep feminine is a radical act of self love and social activism.

Re-balancing into the feminine is essential for developing spiritual tools that lead to self-acceptance, emotional healing, intuition, the rapture of pure being and is essential to finding doorways of perception that link us to all the answer we need to heal ourselves and our world. The feminine allows us to embrace the full spectrum of our beings where we can be mystics and thinkers, grieve loss of connection to essential dimensions of our wholeness, engage in Soul retrieval and begin to release conditioning, dysfunctional patterns and beliefs that breed biases, hate and toxic social divisions. Through the unifying lens of the soul, we begin to experience the sacredness of all people and all cultures.

The feminine allows us to receive our true identities, our deepest needs and to align with the powerful waves of universal love that are causing widespread upheaval as well as reflection and transformation. People who work with Greta learn to trust themselves on every level of being. They grow in awareness of who they are in essence and then from an expanded lens, learn to lovingly work through family and cultural wounds that cause fracturing, split, disassociation, self-hate, compartmentalization, depression, isolation, perfectionism, addiction, mental and physical illness, fear, hate and despair. She midwifes people through all forms of crisis and helps them to transform core wounds into beautiful expressions of Soul work that naturally accelerate collective healing.


I awakened to my healing gifts in the eighties during a spiritual emergency, where I found myself hospitalized for five months with a life-threatening form of colitis. While enduring intense physical pain and great emotional uncertainty I began to awaken to vibrational healing and realized that the illness was a form of shamanic initiation. I began instinctively working with the healing power of energy, color and sound.

I also became aware of spirit teachers who bathe us in streams of universal energy, healing sound and guidance. Through attuning to the wisdom fields of these masters,I was compelled to face the psycho-spiritual split caused by multigenerational trauma and found that as I faced and processed early trauma the illness began to heal. I continued to work with sound, color, meditation, expressive arts therapies, sacred psychology, writing and deep shamanic states and, over time, the life-threatening form of colitis completely healed and never returned. Through the process of healing the illness, I awakened to my gifts as an empath, spiritual midwife, shaman and sound healer.

I now am able to draw on the same universal streams of multi-dimensional energies from which I received healing, to help others step into new levels of wholeness and purpose. Individuals who work with me privately or in retreats find they are able to open doorways of perception and begin to work through trauma, move beyond limiting beliefs and harsh conditioning, and transform the rigid defenses of their ego structures so they can lovingly retrieve buried and disowned aspects of themselves suspended in the subconscious.

While working with me, individuals often begin to reconnect to vast, spiritual treasures within themselves and learn to process and release emotional pain which allows them to become more connected to the contents of the subconscious so they can make better life choices.  People also become more conscious of the quantum fields of love and host of spirit teachers that surround all of us. They step deeper into self-love, become their own best ally and are better able to receive and celebrate the wisdom and beauty around them.

I believe that as more of humanity grieves instead of denies pain, accepts the challenges that we are faced with and trusts that we can awaken inner resources to meet them, then the emergent paradigm that is leading us into an Age of Compassion will rise like yeast in bread and more of humanity will begin to heal and walk a path of peace, compassion and awakened awareness.

We must be willing to leave home, to face the un-faceable betrayal and sorrow, to confront harmful traditions and conditioning, to die a thousand ego deaths which lead to uncovering hidden strengths and essential qualities—creative Soul bursts that can help us restructure ourselves, our communities and our world on very deep levels. Be the change, be the inextinguishable flame, be the open door… be love!