“I am sure that Greta is one of the prophets of our age of transformation, who not only receives guidance for the path of humanity but also for each individual who is blessed to work with her.” Jane Smith Bernhardt, Author, Activist, Artist, Healer.

Whole Self Healing

Whole Self Healing is a form of soul work that addresses disease and imbalance on all levels of being, through restoring harmony and flow between, mind, heart, body and spirit. As a psycho-spiritual healer I act as a spiritual midwife in times of intense identity crisis. I help people create bridges of awareness between their conscious identity, the subconscious and the multi-dimensional Self or Soul that lives within each of us as our essential divine blueprint.

Living in a continual state of connection with Soul Consciousness and what could be called the subtle realms, enable a healer/shaman to expand beyond the limitations of cultural and familial conditioning that create imbalance and disease, and find doorways of perception, that offer new perspectives, practices and tools that help to expand the frequencies and boundaries of our consciousness and establish greater inner harmony, a sense of well-being and resilience. 

I have been practicing psycho-spiritual healing, shamanism, archetypal psychology, sound healing and music therapy in the Boston area for the past 35 years. I have worked with hundreds of people to help reconnect them to the essential blueprint of their Soul. I maintain that the fundamental purpose of healing is to restore individuals to the sacred within their own natures and in the world around them. Once this occurs there is a profound alchemy of consciousness that allows people to begin to heal on many levels and re-awaken the power of the heart. The journey then becomes self-healing.

The people I see are frequently in major life transition brought on by illness, unexpected loss, trauma and lifestyle upheaval. I offer a map to navigate the confusing and often frightening terrain of major life transition. I teach people to accept and trust the opportunity inherent in spiritual emergency AKA the Dark Night of the Soul, and help guide them through the arduous shift from one stage of psycho-spiritual development to another. In time people are able to permanently transmute unprocessed emotions caused by trauma, loss. familial and cultural condotioning and awaken to their own beautiful gifts as a Soul and live an embodied life rich with creativity, sacred pleasure, compassion and spiritual purpose.

After working with me people report feeling less fear, more peace, greater presence and joy, a sense of trust in oneself, new levels of self-acceptance, along with a sense of heightened awareness, creative freedom, spontaneity, the willingness to take risks, sensitivity to spiritual guidance, an increase in clarity around life purpose, emotional resiliency, physical healing, improvements in relationships and a sense of simultaneously belonging to oneself, the Earth, humanity and the universe.

I teach from what I myself practice. I believe that every human being is a unique transmitter and what we are able to embrace, heal and transform within ourselves, radiates or broadcasts through the oneness of life and impacts the spiritual evolution not only of our loved ones but of humanity and every other species on Earth. I believe that spiritual, physical and emotional illness as well as collective diseases like war, institutionalized racism, misogyny and genocide stem from the loss of connection to the sacred.

I believe that this disconnection is due to the suppression of the feminine principle and that this masculine-feminine imbalance has resulted in narcissistic culture, punitive and idealistic cultural practices that shame and abuse children at a core level, creating generations of brokenhearted adults that are cut off from the innate wisdom of the heart and the wealth of intuitive knowledge that flows from the Soul and the Infinite. This disconnection makes it possible for people to perpetrate atrocities toward each other and the living Earth.

I teach that the single most powerful shift of our time is the revaluing of the Divine feminine. The feminine principle, known in Chinese mysticism as yin along with the masculine principle, or yang, create the primal kinesis of life. The feminine principle allows us to receive the compassion and clarity of the Greater Self. The masculine with its emphasis on action, logic, productivity and mastery, comes into a new balance and rhythm when married to the empathy, receptivity and knowing of the feminine. The return of the feminine function within human consciousness marks a developmental leap for humanity that was prophesized by Earth cultures as the Age of Compassion.

In order to enter this new era one must desire to heal the heart. The heart is the doorway to the Soul or Greater Self. When the heart is closed, shut down and defended one loses not only connection to one’s own sacredness but to the sacredness of all beings. Life is meant to be lived in a dynamic, ongoing dialogue with all life forms. When this connection is missing it creates a decrease in vitality and energy flow. People live in their heads, feel depressed and blocked, energetically weak, emotionally distressed and cut off from Spirit, humanity, life purpose and their origins in the natural world.

I offer a unique form of collaborative healing work,(previously The River) which helps people embody the Soul and learn to live from this essential identity more of the time. I spontaneously awakened to a multi-dimensional form of vibrational healing during the 80’s and 90’s while struggling with a life threatening form of colitis. I work with psycho-spiritual guidance, streams of healing sounds, wisdom teachings, shamanism and grounding transmissions of chi that open the flow of energy in meridians and chakras.

Whole Self Healing is about spiritual development. It helps people heal by discovering the transformational power of the essential Self that enables them to expand beyond the ordinary boundaries and defenses of the ego and hold more compassion and forgiveness for self and others. From the perspective of Divine wholeness one learns to practice radical self acceptance and release judgment, fear, despair and denial.

Individual sessions blend psycho-spiritual guidance, a variety of tools of consciousness and transmissions of chi and essence that bring new perspective and deepen a sense of intuition and knowing.  I also use sound healing, shamanic clearing and wisdom teachings from healing traditions seeded in Tibet, Japan, India, Native America, Egypt, Africa and Polynesia to help restore people to a sacred dialogue with the universal Self, Spirit teachers and the Infinite. During sessions people are able to reconnect to the profoundly loving intelligence at the core of all life and all life experiences and regain a fundamental sense of trust and well being. 

It is imperative that humanity and human culture evolve to foster the exquisite perceptions and empathic sensitivity of the heart. The healing of humanity and the earth depends on it. It is through connecting to the wisdom of the heart and learning to see and sense through the compassion of the essential Self that humanity will evolve spiritually. Current generations of children and adults need support and tools for healing past trauma, repression and loss. Without tools people turn to addictions to manage personal pain and to cope with the empathetic pain that comes with witnessing the suffering of others and the destruction of the earth.

I spontaneously awakened to my gifts as a healer in the 80’s while living with a life threatening illness. I was led by spirit teachers through the labyrinth of my inner being where I then faced the root of the illness and not only healed completely but awakened to my gifts as a spiritual healer.

I founded Wisdom Ways Retreats and Seminars, in Gloucester, MA. I taught every semester for ten years at the holistic education center, Interface Foundation in Cambridge, MA . I have led a variety of seminars at Lesley University and Wheelock College on sound healing, arts and healing and holistic healing and also supervise graduate students at Lesley University in holistic healing, arts and healing, somatic studies and trauma and recovery.

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