"Breakthrough the

barriers that fear and pain have built against love, let them go, let them wash through you, until love becomes your only choice." Greta Bro

"There is a great increase

in the number of souls realizing simultaneously. This increase is creating a revolution within humanity that is bringing quantum leaps in compassion and social healing, that will also support the Earth in healing and actualizing her full potential as we move from the Age of Reason to the long awaited, Age of Heart." Greta Bro


Source Continuum Healing

The Soul is an infinitely creative, exquisitely sensitive and highly empathetic river of divine awareness that seeks to incarnate and gain greater self knowledge through expressing itself fully in this world. It is characterized by great peace, compassion, tolerance, heightened intuition, passion, creativity, inventiveness and oneness with all life forms including the subtle energies of universal consciousness that seek to guide humanity toward love.

Greta's unique form of healing work, Source Continuum (previously, The River) helps people learn to live from the essential identity and penetrating consciousness of the Soul. Source Continuum is about becoming Soul-full.

Greta spontaneously awakened to this universal field in the 80's while seeking healing for a chronic and debilitating autoimmune illness she had lived with since the late '70's. She surrendered to powerful currents of healing energies and found herself releasing unprocessed emotion and trauma. Subsequently, she was not only able to heal the illness completely but awakened to her gifts as a sound healer, shaman, spiritual teacher and empath.

Source Continuum is a multi-dimensional field, a powerful vibrational template that carries guidance from universal masters, streams of healing sounds, wisdom teachings, shamanism and energy transmissions that open and unblock meridians and chakras. Interfacing with the field allows people to expand into heightened awareness, knowing and wisdom as well as increase the flow of chi or prana in their energy fields and physical bodies.

The unique field of Source Continuum offers seekers an opportunity for accelerated spiritual development. It helps people discover the transformational power of the Soul. Connection to this essential Self enables people to expand beyond the ordinary boundaries and defenses of the ego and gain greater clarity through tapping the infinite resources of divine awareness and wisdom.

Substantial connection to the Soul or Greater Self makes it possible to create a loving continuum of inner aspects and qualities. One learns to stop self attack and criticism that perpetuates inner split and live increasingly from compassion and self trust.

With self trust it becomes easier to practice radical self acceptance. Acceptance of self leads to acceptance of others. One begins to let go of the debilitating judgment, fear, despair and denial that perpetuates individual imbalance and contributes to the collective illness expressed in paradigms of domination-subordination, like racism, sexism, apartheid, genocide, poverty and war.

People who work with Greta awaken to their soul work, innovations, in healing, art, science and technology, universal forms that benefit humanity and the Earth by engendering compassion, tolerance, collaboration, sustainability, oneness and beauty.

At a certain point in spiritual development one learns to entrust the body with realization. One finds that it is not the mind but the spiritually awakened body that knows the way to wholeness and balance. In time one learns to trust the knowing of the body and the intuitive wisdom of the heart implicitly.

Source Continuum helps people to permanently transform unprocessed emotion caused by loss, trauma, relationship dysfunction and blocked soul gifts into an embodied life alive with creativity, sacred pleasure, compassion, forgiveness, spiritual purpose, emotional resiliency and oneness with humanity and the living Earth.

People who come to Greta are frequently in major life transition brought on by illness, sudden loss, the surfacing of childhood trauma and other forms of lifestyle upheaval. She offers a map to navigate the confusing and frightening terrain of major life transition. She works with people to accept and trust the sacredness of the spiritual emergency they are undergoing and guides them through the alchemical shift that leads from one stage of spiritual development to another.

After working with Greta people report feeling less fear more peace, greater presence and joy, a sense of safety and trust in life, a feeling of enhanced resourcefulness, spontaneity, emotional resiliency, willingness to take risks, sensitivity to guidance, increase in clarity around soul gifts and life purpose, spiritual buoyancy, a lessening of physical symptoms, improvements in relationships and a sense of simultaneously belonging to the Earth, humanity and the universe.

Private sessions blend spiritual conversation, channeled guidance, archetypal psychology, tools of consciousness and transmissions of universal chi that bring new perspective and deepen knowing. Sessions may also include sound healing, shamanic clearing and wisdom teachings from loving healing traditions that arose in Tibet, Japan, india, Native America, Egypt, Africa and Polynesia.

Source Continuum restores people to a sacred dialogue with the universal Self, Spirit teachers and the Infinite. People are able to reconnect to the profoundly loving intelligence at the core of all life and all life experiences and regain a fundamental sense of trust and well being.

To Schedule a private session in person or on the phone or learn more about retreats and training groups, contact Greta at 617 750-5452 (USA) or Email Greta Bro