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The Seven Gates Mystery School
A Seven Week Study Group Exploring Seven Stages of Spiritual Development
with Greta Bro
Date TBA
Lincoln, MA

The Seven Gates Mystery School offers a map for living connected to ones' greatest potential as a realizing Soul. It offers guidance on finding fulfillment personally while accelerating the shift into a new era on Earth collectively. Discover what being spiritually awake really means.
This is an opportunity to explore wisdom teachings and  principles of spiritual development in the context of spiritual community. Each class will begin by evoking a multi-dimensional field that expands awareness of streams of universal guidance and allows participants to easily assimilate universal principals. We will discuss awakening as a process of evolving through seven gates of spiritual initiation and what it means to embody the expanded awareness of the Greater Self or Soul at this time of great turning on Earth.
The study group will explore what it means to be a fertile field for divine epiphany, innovation, creativity that accelerate personal and planetary healing. We will focus on one gate per group. Each gate carries new levels of initiation, unique developmental challenges and opportunity that allow one to see through a new Soul lens that can help transform core wounding into spiritual power, vision and compassion. 
The Gates:
Gate one: Radical Self Love
Gate two: Acceptance, Trust
Gate three: Allowance 
Gate four: Individuation, Belonging to the Greater Self 
Gate five: Surrender, Radical Trust
Gate six: Reunion, Inner Marriage
Gate Seven: Communion, Gnosis, Co-creation
Topics include:
Cultivating faith in life
Understanding the rare, co-creative opportunity of our times
Risking the next step of manifesting your Soul's work
Re-balancing feminine and masculine wisdom within
Trusting intuition while navigating the unknown
Making new, holistic choices for your life
Embracing spiritual breakdown as well as breakthroughs
Understanding the spiritual principles of sacred reflection
The role of arts and creativity in transforming consciousness
Simplifying your life
The role of imagination and visualization   
Breakthroughs in consciousness lead to breakthroughs in life patterns.  Participants will come away with insights that engender new levels of empowerment, self-understanding, compassion, emotional freedom, creative passion, heightened awareness, spiritual power, wisdom, bliss and Soul purpose.
With the integration of each gate comes the possibility of the organic and spontaneous development of Siddhis. Siddhi is a Sanskrit word, referring to the power of heightened awareness such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairgnosis, clairgustience and other heightened empathic gifts that arise along the path of spiritual realization.  The more advanced Siddhis, such as bilocation, regulating extreme weather, spontaneous healing of self and others evolve naturally from the early Siddhis.
Each class will offer exercises and homework to help deepen awareness and acceptance of one's "current classroom" which is essential to the gate you are currently mastering. Once a gate is mastered and integrated the seeker organically begins to open to the steps which lead to the next gate.  At the end of the seven weeks participants will be living more connected to Soul, will know where they need to open more and what it means to be a co-creator, an instrument of Divine innovation.
To enroll for future classes Email Greta Bro and put Seven Gates Study Group in the subject line. Or for more information call 617 750 5452 

Greta Bro has been teaching and leading groups for over 30 years. She is an inspirational speaker, spiritual healer, sound healer, channel and empath. She is also the founder of Wisdom Ways Mystery School. Greta leads workshops and retreats that focus on reconnecting people to their essence and through this expanded state of being people are then able to become a receptive field for the unique purpose the Universal Self or Soul seeks to express in this world.
Greta conducts a powerful healing field that expands awareness and reconnects people to their Essence and the Divine Presence that is guiding their journey. She calls her  multi-dimensional healing work, Source Continuum.
Acting as a guide and spiritual midwife, she helps people heal physical and emotional illness by re-establishing flow between mind, heart, body and spirit  in accordance with the living earth.