She Is

She Is
She is Miriam, Isis, Gaia, Astarte,
Shekinah, Guadelupe, Ymanja, Saule
Ishtar, Quan Yin, Sophia, Maria,
Sarah, Innana, Bridget, Epona
Tara, Shakti, Ariadne, Diana,
Ix Chel, Glispa, Geezhigo-Quae, Devi
Changing Woman, Psyche, Al-Lat, Ala,
White Buffalo Woman, Demeter, Kali, Hathor ,
Sekhmet, Persephone, Hecate, Pele
Freiya, Aphrodite, Oshoon, Sundari
She is
Grandmother, Mother, Sister, Lover,
Priestess, Crone, Wild woman, Teacher
She is the Creator, the All that is,
the Matrix and The Beloved
She is the All Embracer, Sky dancer,
Dakini, Yogini Tantras,
She is adored and she is scorned
She is revered and she is forgotten
She is the power of love,
She is the breath of life,
She is the force of Yin
Bringing quietude and restoration
She is the cycles of life renewing
Through birth, death, regeneration
She is gnossis and she is wisdom
She is a skull cap brimming with ambrosia
She is the enlightened preceptor
She is freedom of every kind
She is the embodied Soul
She is the anointing stillness
She is the dove of peace
She is mercy in action,
She is the outstretched hand of reconciliation
She is the spirit of mediation
She is war's undoing
She is the outcry of pain released
She is the bliss once fear is faced
She is the willingness to grieve
She is outrage and righteous anger
She is the truth spoken out loud
She is the color of sky
She is the crimson of lava
She is the green of the glen
She is the black of night
She is a labrynth
She is a spiral
She is a circle
She is a chevron
She is an enchanting song
She is undulation and rhythm
She is sacred movement
She is the midwife
She is the healer
She is the oracle
and the sage
She is the poet
and the singer
She is the weaver
And the artist
She is the rotation of the sun,
She is the crescent moon
She is the fertile Earth
She is the morning Star
She is the river rushing in Spring
And the quenching rains of Summer
She is a cresting wave and a still pond
She is the vapors of hot springs
And the dampness of caves
She is water falling down a mountain
and the trickle of a forest stream
She is snow crystals in slow motion
She is dew drops on morning grass…
She is life's generosity returning
She is tolerance and forgiveness
She is innocence and she is faith
She is affection and tender words
She is the lovers embrace
She is a longed for kiss
She is transformation through sexual union
She is sacred sexuality
She is the blessing of Shakti
She is delight in sensual pleasure
She is heightened senses, touch and taste
She is freedom from inhibition
She is passion rising and passion quenched
She is lasting union and she is love's end
She is pleasure receiving another
She is pleasure receiving Self
She is the performer of rituals
She is the singer of chants and incantations
She is passionate intensity
She is laughter and mirth
She is the warmth of the hearth
and she is bonfires of Solstice
She is a lap to sit in and
She is a hand to hold
She is a gathering of peers
She is the empathy of a friend
She is vision and farsightedness
She is strength and she is courage
She is wild hair blowing free
And bare feet on Earth
She is the song of wolves and
The trick of a coyote
She is the vision of an eagle
And the skill of a spider
She is the abandon of a dolphin
And the stamina of a salmon
She is the prayer of a frog
and the dance of a lizard
She is the grace of a deer
and the power of a snake
She is the playfulness of a kitten
and the hospitality of a dog
She is the spiritedness of a horse
and the docility of a cow
She is the metamorphosis of a butterfly
And the service of a bee
She is the medicine of a bear
And the heart of a buffalo
She is the hidden life of trees
She is the patience of mountains
She is the receptivity of soil
She is the unknown depths of the sea
She is the first rose blooming
She is the grape on the vine
She is the corn seed sprouting
She is the wheat of the plains
She is the bounty of the rice field
She is the truffle of the forest
She is cheese
She is butter
She is cream
and she is milk
All creation knows her name
And calls to her in secret prayers
She is the first sound uttered
and the last breath expelled
She is the cup overflowing
Her love is unconditional
Her comfort is deep
She was buried and now she is rising
She is an ancient river pushing above ground at last
She is the power of love stirring in our cells
She is Life giving back to life
She is the great Mother birthing herself
She is the Soul of the World
She has come to free her children
She has come to heal the Earth
Greta Bro
March, 2003