Guidance Greta received during meditation on 10/10/10

Greta: Who is speaking to me?

The Receptive Field…

Greta: Who is Creator?

The Creative Impulse….

Greta: How does love move within these?

The impulse to create comes from the love of life, the love of being.

Creator stirs within the Infinite, the All That Is as Creative Impulse. The Receptive Field nurtures and tends that which Creator sets in motion.  The Receptive Field loves creation and Creator loves creation.  Within Creator there is the spirit of nurturance within the Receptive Field there is the impulse to create. The movement flows back and forth like a figure 8 or infinity sign. The Receptive Field moves toward abundant creative expression and the Creative Impulse rests, restores, composts and gestates anew in the Receptive Field.

Is the Earth a Receptive Field?

Yes, Earth is a Receptive Field which nurtures the fruit of Creative Impulse and it also contains and expresses Creative Force and the urge to create.

Can you tell me more about the impulse to Create?

An impulse arises somewhere within the manifest or un-manifest universe and through the laws of attraction evokes a Receptive Field. When Creative impulse finds a Receptive Field, it expresses into or impregnates the Receptive Field. We can use the example of an artist, mystic or a group of activists, visionaries of a particular era. She/they align with a Creative Impulse and feel a push to carry out that which  she/they have been inspired to refine, develop and eventually broadcast.

At a certain point the Receptive Field becomes active and seeks a receptive collective field to express into. The original impulse transmits, refines and inspires through gestation and creative process and then deepens within a new Receptive Field. In time, structures are created around the field of the Creative Impulse then others can begin to receive or "host" and potentially expand the field through entering into its vibrational template and structure.

It is in this way that the field of the “innovation” deepens and refines in its expression. It evolves. This is true for any cultural movements like  revolutions, eras of advancement, scientific inventions, new philosophy, new movements in social justice, compassion and art. You see throughout history periods characterized by profound spiritual wisdom, or a kind of contagious genius or a revolutionary spirit where new directions surface. Humanity is in one of those periods now. But the leaping will be bigger, grander then it has ever been. Humanity is on the edge of a massive breakthrough in consciousness sparked into being by the re-emergence of the feminine principle. Humanity is waking up to love!

The creative impulse becomes a field of wisdom, art, liberation, healing, knowledge, technological advancement and quantum leaps in spiritual development. Human beings are designed to receive and broadcast fields. They can spread any field, negative or positive. All those currently alive who have incarnated at this time on Earth for universal purposes, to help insure this great shift in consciousness happens, are uniquely gifted in their abilities to broadcast the new era and inspire others. 

These souls help accelerate the shift that is going on by naming it and modeling it. And they are using social media and other forms of technology to do it. They are planting seeds and inspiring others to become Receptive Fields for even more remarkable innovations that will help accelerate cultural advancements that will then put forces in motion that will increase compassion and help to alleviate poverty, sexism, racism and all forms of war and genocide. They will do this partly through making education increasingly accessible. This is when life becomes fun.

Greta: Is this what I am doing through my teaching and healing work?

Yes, you are a master teacher! And you are doing this through your music, poetry, writing, videos, photography, singing and performing. All are fields which you are receiving, refining and broadcasting.