What People Are Saying

Love’s Song, light and easy mix of original Brazilian, jazz and pop is beguiling enough, but it’s the unforced sincerity and soulfulness of Greta Bro’s voice that will touch you deep inside. Absolutely lovely.” Larry KatzBoston Herald , Boston, MA 2010

Greta Bro’s CD Love’s Song (all lyrics and most of the music by Bro, some in collaboration with a circle of friends) is at once haunting, sultry, sexy and swaying with pleasing rhythms throughout (produced and engineered expertly by John Hicks).

Rife with cool and interesting instrumentation, solo riffs that surpirse and delight me. Check out the melodica, ukulele, flute and percussion of all sorts, including a tabla, there’s trumpet, cello, really smooth sax, and maybe, just to tickle your imagination, birdsong!

Bro’s songs stand out, each quite different from the one before: they call me over to her party. I’ve listened to them over nd over since lifting the CD from my sister’s shelf without permission. I pour a glass of wine, close my eyes, and move myself into another place, into Greta Bro’s world.I let my head tilt from side to side. It’s a very smooth ride. I love it. So where’s it been hiding? or, maybe I’m the only one who hasn’t heard it. Frances Ann The Noise CD Reviews August 28, 2013

“Love’s Song” by Greta Bro is a soulful celebration of love as it modulates from longing to celebration, heartbreak to compassion, and outrage to faith. This CD is an irresistible invitation to love all-out and all-in. It is an exquisite transmission of a love that has no opposite–because it includes everything. Richard Borofsky

“I love this CD. I bought copies for all my friends! It brings me joy whenever I hear it.I love the music itself. Its rhythm, its softness. the way it moves through and with me.The rich  quality of Greta’s voice, so soothing like honey….And the words…Deep. Meaningful. Healing. Profound. I love this blend of consciousness, heart and soul, light and dark, the willingness to embrace life in all its forms. Something so often I miss in modern music. Here the message of emergent  imbues the work without being teachy or preachy, it simply is. Thank-you Greta for this! Nanna Aida Svendsen, poet, writer, international workshop leader, Stockholm, Sweden