“My work with the divinely gifted spiritual healer Greta Bro began eight years ago when I was suffering from chest pain of an unknown origin. During my first visit with Greta I was struck by her radiant love and gentle but powerful spirit. Through sound and touch she was able to elicit a release from the frequencies of old “stuck” pockets of darkness within me, and I left our session feeling elated.

After that first visit with Greta, I knew that I wanted to work with her in whatever way was possible, and I began a seven year course of study and practice to learn to attune to energy frequencies, align with multi-dimensional healing sources, and to work within the powerful, abiding field of Love. This work has changed my life. I now feel much more open and sensitive to unseen energies and have been able to receive beautiful spiritual guidance which informed my book: We Are Here: Love Never Dies.

I am sure that Greta is one of the prophets of our age of transformation, who not only receives guidance for the path of humanity but also for each individual who is blessed to work with her. Each of us has been changed, and enabled to walk more courageously in our own soul’s true purpose, freed from layers of darkness and confusion.

I am so deeply grateful for my great healer and teacher, Greta Bro.”
Jane Smith Bernhardt  Author, Activist, Speaker, Artist, Healer www.janebernhardt.com

I witnessed first hand the gift Greta Bro has when she is working. She chanted, she listened and she touched my dying son Dan. I saw his face go from terror to surrender in the days and the hours she spent at his bed side. My husband and I are eternally grateful. Nancy Slonim Aronie, Teacher, writing From the Heart, Omega Instititute

“The love and wisdom present in Greta’s groups is palpable. She embodies a fierce loving kindness that breaks down resistance to seeing what is true and beautiful.” Carolyn Anderson, Feng Shui Coach, Designer, Entrenpreneur

“Greta’s work is deeply rooted in love and extremely wise. She trusts her guidance implicitly and invites others to do the same.” Nancy Campbell, Healer, Empath.

“With utmost compassion, gentle touch and a range of sounds that cover the fierce wilds to the angelic, Greta’s work as spiritual midwife leads one to make home in the body, to be in deep communion with one’s true nature.” Nadine Boughton, Creativity Coach, Spiritual Coach, Photographer, Writer.