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The Beautiful Conversation by Greta Bro

I sit in my garden and listen to the soul speak all around me.
I eves drop on flowers as they whisper radiant colors  
To pollinating partners.
Birds negotiate boundaries with bursts of melodies,
While ecstatic bees hop from flower to flower,
Loading up on pollen, buzzing to each other
About their good fortune.
And now, my gifted neighbor caresses his flute
And the magic he creates reveals
Not only his soul, but mine as well.

All life speaks a quantum language of connection.
We breathe in the streams of communication,
Some distressed and others joyous,
Each of us impacted no matter how big or small,
By everything else.
Try as we might to shut it out, we are designed this way.
We take it all in, ingest the entire spectrum,
The magnificent electromagnetic rivers of energy
That continually ebb and flow from all beings. 

I am glad I speak the language of oneness.
I flutter with my own vibrational field,  
Entrained, entangled and enthralled.
I breathe in and breathe out the beautiful conversation,
As the continual hum of paradise lives
On in each of us.

Dance On by Greta Bro
Copyright 2023

I am not perfect, nor do I want to be
Show me something in nature that is perfect
A tree, a brook, a rock, a mountain?
Perfectionism is an illusion, a shackle, a waste of precious time. In life, all stages are present simultaneously…
This is what makes a thing glow with depth and aliveness.

Perfectionism and too much idealism block
The human spirit from perceiving and expressing beauty. I for one am done with the charade.
I cast off that ball and chain.
I choose to smile at my mistakes,
My awkward pauses
And stumbling moments.
For they are indications of my humanness,
My vulnerability and openness as I court mastery
And delve into those things I hold most dear.

I say yes to the perfectly imperfect gesture and flawed creative endeavor that reveals in the end, unimaginable splendor…
Yes, to life shapeshifting through a thousand glorious moments of becoming The chaos of birth, the decline of a flower, the warn stairs,

The distressed beams, the crack in my voice when tears surface, the light from a long-since deceased star that continues to twinkle on the horizon…
All of these fleeting stages, do not take away from the beauty of the thing,
but add to its character…

I rejoice in my humanness.
For isn’t the most beautiful forest filled with fallen boughs and leaves that were torn off in the last storm?
Yet still the forest is a marvel to behold, creating with its arching limbs a cathedral to the sun…
Do not be perfect, be proud of the continual alchemy of your spirit dance. Risk, fall, get up, master it and then simply… dance on.

She Lives by Another Code by Greta Bro
Copyright 2023

She glides into a room of people With unassuming grace.
She listens in silent compassion to the masses
who do not know they exist.

When she does speak,
her words are laden with truth.
Minds clear, hearts open, bodies affirm. She understands every story told.

But no one comments
or offers praise.
Though they feel the deep relief her Presence brings.

They have been taught,
that communication is a contest.
to listen an act of submission,
a show of weakness,
wherein the listener becomes indentured to the one who speaks.

They think her undeveloped
that she does not clamor to steal
the group mind with thrusts of expression.

But, she lives by another code…

When she cannot attend the dinner or gathering
there is no flow and people feel ill at ease.
No one speaks of it, but they know.

She has retreated into solitude,
as she does from time to time,
To dance and sing, to dream and muse
To receive herself in the company of angels And be heard.

Greta is a Contributor to Two Swedish Anthologies

(The Anthologies have chapters written in both Swedish and English by a group of international women writing about this intense period of upheaval and human transformation.)

The Intuitive: Connecting With Inner Wisdom 
(Det Intuitiva: Antologi)

The Shift (Skiftet: Antologi) 

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Coming in 2023
Passionate Wholeness
by Greta Bro

I have been writing this book for ten years. It weaves together the reemergence of the feminine dimension of being, the rebalancing of masculine and feminine energies in each of us, my personal journey of awakening and healing serious illness, the revolution of compassion that is transforming our relationships to ourselves, to society and to the Living Earth and humanity’s migration to a new human chapter. More Soon!